Transmutation Nexus

     Transmutation Nexus is an eclectic collection of ambient downtempo electronica and some glitchy industrial pop. For several months, the album was produced and recorded in locations like Marshall, Texas, Shreveport, LA, Swampscott, MA, Salem, MA, Seattle, WA, and Shoreline, WA.  It was a lengthy process with new production techniques and technology, focusing mostly on the immersive quality of the music and the overall sensory experience as opposed to just lyrics. All sorts of incidents happened during production involving drug dealers, pimps, prostitutes, witches, starvation, near death experiences, drugs, frostbite, and even attempted murder. Though stressful, DiViant still managed to tune it all out and create this wonderful album full of wonder and dread, ambiance and action, tranquility and chaos, nature and machinery.

Tracks include...

1. At the Edge of the World
2. Octagon
3. Captivate
4. Outcasts Below
5. A Digital Ghost of a Young Artist
6. The Fall to End All Pain
7. Leaving Town on Foot
8. Dolce Stil Novo (Sweet New Style)
9. Crepuscular Rays