The Haunted Drives: Selection 1 [Download] {EXPLICIT}


The Haunted Drives: Selection 1 [Download] {EXPLICIT}


NOTICE: The material in this file may be disturbing to some individuals.

The Haunted Drives: Selection 1 is a collection of images, text, and songs from a old flash drives from a very hellish time in Alix Diviant's life. The three folders are password protected, so you will have to look for clues to solve each password!

From late 2012 to early 2015, Alix was subjected to poverty, abuse, starvation, painful drug reactions, violent hallucinations, severe pain, weakness, and constant suicidal thoughts and actions. 

This collection includes...

*8 mostly unaltered .txt files. Detailing hellish nightmares, poetry, and hallucinations. With all of the original typos and grammatical errors that come from severe malnutrition, sleep deprivation, and drugs.

*33 disturbing .jpg images. Images that capture the dread and raw uneasiness of the situation.

*And 3 songs, each capturing the physical and mental damage that would take Alix years to come back from.

All content provided in this release is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial License, Visit for more info.

Released September 22, 2017

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