Violate to Behave is the debut single of Alix Diviant, and the first track off of the Diviant’s debut album, Drink Bleach Every Night. The song has a dark ambient texture with a sinister four-on-the-floor house beat. Lyrically, the song is inspired by a cancelled novel that Diviant was in the middle of writing when content from Revolution Televised was being recorded. The novel borrowed many aspects from ‘My Little Pony:Equestria Girls - Rainbow Rocks’, a movie which Diviant practically worshiped, so much so that Diviant cancelled the novel citing that it was “basically a messed up fanfic about The Dazzlings”. This is highlighted in the lyric “Pulled straight out of fanfiction”


The novel was to start with the main character moving into a house that was also home to three women (apparently inspired by the main antagonists of Rainbow Rocks), each of which was a type of supernatural being that formed a connection to the main character. The book would’ve focused on the magical aspects of the house, the characters hanging out, as well as the fetististic activities the characters participated in. In addition to this, the song was also inspired by a series of hallucinations Diviant had when suffering from insomnia and substance use. Namely one instance in particular where the characters that the song was based on appeared to come out of a smartphone screen and fly around the room. The original source material was not nearly as sinister as the song would later become, with the references to sexual assault, demonic possession, and Stockholm syndrome being added in later for shock value. In related art, a colour motif was created to symbolize each character in the lore. With the colours orange/yellow, purple, and blue respectively. The letters ADABSD also reference these characters as they appear in other works. It is important to note however, that Diviant had absolutely no intention on copying anything without severe alterations, and that any references to Rainbow Rocks and it’s characters were done out of sheer admiration, not as a method of plagiarism.


The song’s structure itself seems to be loosely based on ‘Aquaria Towers’ from Stewart Copeland’s Spyro 2 OST and Rainbow Rocks’ ‘Welcome to the Show’ by Daniel Ingram and was produced in Reaper 5, with vocal processing done with Bitwig 8 Track.

The single version was mastered by Jack Mason and the album version was mastered by Alix Diviant.

The distorted synth bass sample was technically used in Diviant’s ‘Not Safe For Work’ first.


The video for Violate to Behave directly references both the cancelled novel as well as the content from which it is derived. With many more references to Rainbow Rocks present such as when Diviant is writing down notes in the kitchen the phrases scrawled on the wall behind Diviant at the start of the video, and creatures similar to the Sirens flying around the set. Several other references are present in the video, such as references to Bioshock Infinite, Spyro 2, and images of occultist Aleister Crowley. Diviant also cites the aforementioned hallucination as well as episodes of sleep paralysis as a primary influences to the production of the video. The video was very difficult to film, because like other early Alix Diviant videos. Diviant handled all of the camera positioning, costumes, special effects, editing, and art direction. It especially got dangerous when electrical lights and large amounts of water were in close proximity, resulting in Diviant nearly getting electrocuted. The house this was filmed in was Diviant’s childhood home at 3505 Eastmoor Drive in Marshall, Texas. The utterly ridiculous amount of clutter made it easy for Diviant to fashion props out of whatever was available, such as the mermaid tail made from packaging material or the fake boat shed like set that was constructed out of random loose scrap wood.


Walked into the house
Not knowing what I'd see
Pulled straight out of fan fiction
All without the fees
Eyeing me like deviants
All willpower fell
Triptych souls possessing me
Underneath this spell

They lead me down the stairs
They do these things to me
They do anything they want to do
Anything they want me to yeah
Tie me up again
I'm the collective slave
Take your turns assaulting me
Violate to behave

Over time the struggle ends
Stockholm syndrome kick
Dream inside the other dream
Down with every lick

These sirens know how to please
Don't let it fall apart
I never want to escape
Sing it from the heart

Put your hands up