Check It!


Check It!


Tracks include...

1. Kickin' Ass...One Planet at a Time...
2. Not Safe For Work
3. Tres Sombras
4. The Magician in Lavender
5. Swagalicious Thief
6. The Power of Fashion
7. Midnight Garden Madness

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 Check It! is an extended play by Alix DiViant containing previously unreleased tracks and remixes that was released on May 5, 2017. The EP features some elements of Drink Bleach Every Night, but also introduces elements of hiphop and breakbeat music. It also features 'The Power of Fashion', the oldest song Alix DiViant has released publicly. Like Drink Bleach Every Night, the EP was recorded in Marshall, Texas with the exception of the hospital stairwell percussion at the beginning of 'Kickin Ass...One Planet at a Time", which was recorded in Shreveport, LA.