Drink Bleach Every Night


Drink Bleach Every Night


Tracks include...

1. Violate to Behave
2. Literal, Bitches
3. Walk With Three Shadows
4. Find a Way Up
5. Isn't This Grand? Isn't This Destiny?
6. Get On the Rail, m8
7. Swimming Through the Underwater Castle
8. Maximum Containment Area
9. Eater of Worlds
10. Exploring the Homeworlds
11. Hypnic Stab

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Drink Bleach Every Night is the debut album from Alix DiViant that was released on January 24, 2017.  The album's concept centers around a portion of the largely deserted Earth taken over by a fascist dictator and the revolution that ensues. The rather obscure backstory also contains hints to the supernatural, with a character becoming possessed by demonic forces and reluctantly joining the resistance's cause. The album was recorded in the quiet town of Marshall, Texas in a house that had really seen better days. Some songs were written by DiViant while under the influence of prescription painkillers and suffering from insomnia and recovering from frequent sleep paralysis. Several ideas for songs came to DiViant in the form of brief 'visions' when they would nod off from lack of sleep. The album has both elements of the dark, mechanical, and distorted sound of post-industrial music and the harmonic, dreamy, calm ambiance of downtempo triphop.