Drink Bleach Every Night (Physical Edition V1)


Drink Bleach Every Night (Physical Edition V1)

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Step through the void of manic isolation and haunted mental corridors as you venture through this sonic labyrinth of psychosomatic transgression.

This is the limited version 1 physical edition,  this purchase includes a free custom autograph from Alix Diviant (On separate sheet of paper).

1 - Violate to Behave
2 - Literal, Bitches
3 - Walk With Three Shadows
4 - Find a Way Up
5 - Isn't This Grand? Isn't This Destiny?
6 - Get On the Rail, m8
7 - Swimming Through the Underwater Castle
8 - Maximum Containment Area
9 - Eater of Worlds
10 - Exploring the Homeworlds
11 - Hypnic Stab

Released January 24, 2017

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