Thinking/Feeling is an extended play by Alix DiViant  that was released on August 10, 2017. Inspired by a several episodes of extreme depression and obsession, the EP has a noticeably somber tone that is not usually present in DiViant's work. While most of the songs were written for the EP, The main lyrics to The Darkness of Theatrical Life date back to 2016, with the some lyrics and the title dating back as early as 2010. The EP was recorded in Marshall, Texas and, despite what some claim. No one was actually brutally murdered during the production of track 2.

Tracks include...

1. Human Zoo
2. Hate Can't Be Bottled, Love WILL NOT Be Shipped [Explicit Version]
3. If I Am Real, Then You Are Real
4. The Darkness of Theatrical Life
5. Through the Mirror